Why PNY Lighting Tech led grid lights is priced higher?
Higher prices indicate that the quality of led grid lights is higher than other products. In addition to the use of high-end raw materials, we also introduced advanced technical equipment to be applied to the production process. We have been working with reliable material suppliers to make our products cost-effective.

Having won a good reputation in the Chinese market, Zhongshan PNY Lighting Tech Co., Ltd differentiates itself in providing high quality linear light in the international market. PNY Lighting Tech has created a number of successful series, and Magnetic Module Light is one of them. Before the production of PNY linear light for office, the requirements of raw materials such as substances function, allergens, size, color, and odor are sent to several suppliers to be compared. It is not easy to be damaged in its delivery process with its reliable structure. The product is not subject to permanent deformation. It has good compressibility and resilience to guarantee that it will not deform due to high-intensitive mechanical movement. It has been thoroughly tested and inspected before its shipment.

We remain faithful to improving our product quality. We will devote greater effort in inspecting the incoming raw materials or components, introduce advanced manufacturing facilities to guarantee high precision, and consider optimizing the packaging way.
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