Which recessed adjustable led downlights company doing OBM?
OBM is currently growing. Most adjustable led downlights manufacturers retail their own branded products which are the entire products or component parts made by a second company. Zhongshan PNY Lighting Tech Co., Ltd is such a producer. The OBMs will be responsible for everything including the manufacturing and development, supply chain, delivery along with the promotion. The partnership with the OBMs can help sustain the company development.

PNY Lighting Tech has been recognized as one of the most qualified manufacturers over the years. We specialize in the development, design, and production of led ceiling downlights. PNY Lighting Tech has created a number of successful series, and surface mounted downlight is one of them. Every PNY outdoor spotlights is brought out by our professional designers who are inspired by the thousand-year-old tradition of wellness and thermal history. The product is offered with OED and OEM service. The product takes a lead in its market and has a broad market application prospect. It has undergone a strict surface treatment process.

We worked with customers, suppliers, and business partners to identify the sustainability areas that offer the greatest opportunity to deliver business value, those that help increase resiliency across our value chains.
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