What about the maximum supply of small led spotlights by PNY Lighting Tech per month?
This depends upon both production capacity and inventory of small led spotlights in Zhongshan PNY Lighting Tech Co., Ltd. In fact, the monthly supply is elastic. We may diminish the output when there's an off-season and may raise it whenever there is the peak. You are expected to notify us about the requirements and custom service may be gotten.

PNY Lighting Tech has established a reputation for providing premium modern pendant lighting. We are becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. PNY Lighting Tech has created a number of successful series, and Pendant light is one of them. The product is not subject to displacement. Under the pressure of sealing fluid and elastic force, the sealing end is always automatically kept snapping. It is not easy to be damaged in its delivery process with its reliable structure. The popularity this product contributes to two factors which include high cost performance and wide market application. The brightness of the product has been greatly improved.

Our company demonstrates the commitment to sustainable development. From protecting natural resources to giving back to the community, we strive to be accountable to our employees, communities, and the planet.
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