What about CIF of linear light ?
CIF is changed based on demand, port of destination, etc. Under CIF (= Cost, Insurance and Freight), we are responsible for providing insurance coverage for linear light while in transit for 110% of their value. It is our indispensable duty to guarantee the product quality and safety. We offer strong support even though the product leaves for the destination.

Zhongshan PNY Lighting Tech Co., Ltd has been recognized as a trustworthy partner of manufacturing led surface spotlights. We have accumulated know-how in the industry. PNY Lighting Tech has created a number of successful series, and recessed spotlights is one of them. PNY surface mounted led spotlight is manufactured by adopting the highest standards in the sanitary ware industry, not just in terms of the choice of raw materials, but also the production processes. The product is offered with OED and OEM service. The product is resistant to the corrosive medium, such as oil, acid, alkali, and salt. Its parts have been finely treated with electroplating and polishing to enhance its chemical corrosion resistance. Its apparent appearance is of smoothness property.

The mission of our company is to provide quality products at reasonable prices, always in a manner that is aligned with existing market demands. Contact!
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