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Return to Work from CNY Holiday


Dear Clients and Visitors, we have returned to work from CNY holiday. The original return date is mid of February; while the date is postponed several times due to well-known Covid-19 issue. To have better control of the Covid-19 outbreak, we follow the instruction of China government and have no way but postpone the return date. All other suppliers (in China) face the same issue, but we believe this issue will end soon. We will speed up the recovery of production, and provide the same high quality commercial lighting fixtures and project solution to all of you. Thank you for your continuous support in 2020.


Covid-19 Prevention Solution 1: Health Registration and tracking

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Covid-19 Prevention Solution 2: Disinfection in room, shoes, hands, etc.

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Covid-19 Prevention Solution 3 & 4: Surgical mask, deep cleaning, etc.

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