May PNY Lighting Tech offer warehousing services?
When it comes to warehousing, we have responded directly based on the needs of our customers. Most of our customers love it when we tell them we could help if they have warehousing problems. The flexibility of our warehousing services may be just what you need to increase your business.

Zhongshan PNY Lighting Tech Co., Ltd has been focusing on manufacturing and exporting surface mounted downlight for many years. We are a reputable brand in China. Various in styles, PNY Lighting Tech's surface mounted led spotlight can meet the needs of different customers. All PNY outdoor spotlights are tested on installation by our professional engineers to ensure that they provide years of safe and enjoyable use. The product is of great textural quality. The product features both soft cushioning for foot protection and firmer cushioning for propulsion. The materials used in the forefoot and rearfoot part vary for different protection functions. It is known for its power saving.

We will continue to provide professional, fast, accurate, reliable, exclusive, considerate assurance and quality services to ensure that our customers make the most of our cooperation. Inquire now!
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