Any discount for large order led linear lighting ?
By buying linear light in big amounts, you will get a much better price than exhibited on our site. In the event the costs for bulk volume or wholesale purchases aren't listed on the website, please contact our customer Support to get an easy and easy discount petition.

Zhongshan PNY Lighting Tech Co., Ltd is a widely-recognized manufacturer based in China. We focus on the design and production of surface mounted led spotlight. PNY Lighting Tech has created a number of successful series, and led recessed ceiling lights is one of them. The product has an obvious and remarkable water purification effect. Its filter fineness reaches 0.0001 microns which can effectively filter out micromolecule contaminants. Samples can be provided for the product to assure customers of its quality. The product will have a stronger competitive advantage in the long term. The inner wall of its modulator tube is coated with a protective film.

Our business philosophy is simple and timeless. We work closely with clients to find a perfect combination of products and services that provide a comprehensive balance of performance and pricing effectiveness.
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