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how to change downlight led?

how to change downlight led?

  • Tuesday, 19 January 2021
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Led downlight is widely used in people's life. Before, it was mainly used in some shops. In recent years, it has been widely used in many home decoration. Compared with other lamps, the decorative effect of LED downlight is greater than its practicability. However, there are still many led downlights in use, and the equipment is damaged, Let's talk about how to replace the LED downlight when it's broken. How to install the LED downlight?

how to change downlight led?

How to install led downlight:

1. When you start installing LED lights with tubes, you will realize that there are three main components: ballast and downlight, which you have to remove. Now, the starter may not be a separate component in the whole circuit, sometimes built on the ballast itself.

2. Remove the old bulb from the fixture and make sure the power or main power is turned off throughout the fixture in doing so. You may need simple tools, such as screwdrivers, wires, pressing wires, knives, nuts and bolts, to make them all handy.

3. Once the old bulb or tube is removed, you need to eliminate the reflector, package wiring and ballast. Usually, it's easy to separate the reflection, you can use a screwdriver to eliminate this, in case it is fixed with screws, otherwise you can use a pressing line to pull out the reflector.

4. Now, you have to get rid of the ballast and start the Pitcher (if any). The ballast will have two screws, just loosen them with a screwdriver and dispose of them. However, the line connected to this will also be removed. Clamp wire connection, so as to complete the circuit.

5. On the way to success, fix the reflection back to the original place cover and insert the wiring work led downlight socket. Now while the LED downlight is plugged in, you should make sure the top and bottom ends are fixed into the circuit for the same thing.

How to change led downlight when it is broken:

1. If the LED downlight power supply is damaged, go to buy the power supply with the same parameters such as voltage and current, and replace it.

2. If there are more damaged LED lights and the damaged LED patch lights are concentrated in the same area, the damaged part can be cut off and re welded.

3. If you have a certain basic knowledge of electronics, go to buy the same type of LED lamp, carry a soldering iron and re weld it. But then again, there are a lot of LED chip light components on each LED light bar. One or two of them are broken, which has no effect on the brightness.

4. How to deal with the problem of LED downlight lamp bead broken? We should take corresponding measures according to the situation, whether the LED is damaged or the driving power supply is damaged. For the sake of safety, it is recommended to go to professional personnel for repair. When using, we should not only consider the influence of the heat generated by the LED itself on the lamp, but also consider the influence of the ambient temperature on the photoelectric performance of the lamp.

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