Large Disc LED Ceiling Lamp

Commercial Hallway Office Acrylic Black White Modern Pendant Light Nordic Danish Product Feature:

1. Ultra narrow aluminum alloy frame design, large luminous surface, appropriate height design, make the whole lamp round and full,Die-casting aluminum ADC12 for housing and heat skin,good texture,superior heating output.

2. Imported chips-Taiwan Everlight 2835,high brightness,long life span.Bottom luminous design, fully meet the requirements of heat dissipation, high brightness, good consistency, small light
3. AA grade eye protection design,PMMA diffuser with high transmittance, good light source comfort, low blue light harm, uniform illumination, no stroboscopic.CRI>80,the goods can be shown near to its own color.Close to the Nippon paint surface treatment,smooth,bright and clean.
4. One lamp dual use: suitable for ceiling type installation and suspension type installation
5. Multiple sizes: Φ 175mm, Φ 210mm, Φ 250mm, Φ 350mm, Φ 400mm, Φ 500mm, Φ 600mm, Φ 800mm, Φ 1000mm
6. Various light distribution modes are available:
1> Regular style
2> 0-10V dimming
3> 0、10%、40%、100% Sectional dimming

Magnetic Track Light

No Main Light Lighting Design:

22 series magnetic light use PNY light source high lumen light color rendering longer use time,more strong profile and copper wire large contact area,reasistant to rust,excellent electric clip,more stronger copper,large contact area,resistant to rust,good compatibility.

High color rendering index >80,the degree of appearance of the light source on the object is called color rendering index,the highter the color rendering index,the more abundant the scene dffect will be.

1,warm light(3000k-3200k)

the general home decoration using warm color light can create a warm atmosphere.

2,day light(6000k-6500k)

day light,such as the middly sun,has higher limens and color rendering and is widely used.

Suitable For Multiple Scenarios

Home Improvement Business Lighting Project Style

Wild Practical

1,application design,flexible adjustment of various angles,beautiful practical;

2,the length is uniform,no dark area,shadow,high brightness;

3,easy to install,convenient,greatly reduce the installation of lamps;

4,use the overall aluminum substrate,high cooling,high conductivity,and the quality of the lamps is more reliable;

5,fit the installation without gap,the lumibaire is more beautiful after instaallation.

Surface Mounted LED Spotlight

90 Ra High Color,like a seif-vented filter,Gloss is Bright and Full Of Color Restoration True.

24° left and right,rotating 360° adjustable.
Free adjustment angle to meet your nearel light illumination needs.

Tibetan anti-glare design is not glare.
Light source deep hidden,deep cup design,no glare,no stroboscopic,high display refer to accurate,light comfort.